The GeoCosmo™ Global Earthquake Forecast System (GEFS) provides 2-3 days of lead time

A forecast could save thousands of lives and billions of dollars.

GeoCosmo™ is an alliance of scientists, corporations, aid organizations, governments and concerned citizens who support the development of GeoCosmo™, the Global Earthquake Forecast System.

We are taking on the global challenge to save lives and billions of dollars by forecasting destructive earthquakes.


The Science

The sea change in earthquake forecasting

The prioritization, thinking and action needed to forecast earthquakes has been at a standstill for decades.

There is a sea change going on in the earthquake forecasting community and GeoCosmo™ is leading the way. Instead of referring to the mechanics of seismology, GeoCosmo™ uses semiconductor physics, satellites, artificial intelligence, big data, and other exponential technologies and methods to forecast statistically likely earthquakes.

“Earthquakes are unpredictable,” say many traditional seismologists who take a mechanistic approach to earthquake forecasting. By primarily relying on classical mechanics to identify foreshocks the vast majority of earthquake forecasting initiatives have proven ineffective.

The situation changed dramatically with the discovery that rocks contain dormant electronic charge carriers which can be activated by stress. When Earth applies high levels of stress, the rocks can undergo catastrophic rupture leading to an earthquake.

The electronic charge carriers that are activated in the rocks have a special name: “Positive Holes.” Positive holes travel fast through many kilometers of rock (up to about 200 meters per second). Positive holes begin flowing out of stressed rocks up to several weeks before an earthquake.

When they arrive at the surface of the Earth, Positive holes have properties that are critical to earthquake forecasting. Positive hole currents produce a number of signals have been identified. Ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves, air ionization, total electron content anomalies, thermal infrared anomalies, ozone formation, carbon monoxide release, ground potential changes, and groundwater chemistry changes are a few of the signals that GeoCosmo™ uses to forecast earthquakes.

GeoCosmo™ aggregates precursor data from satellites, ground-based sensors, and mobile devices. This massive data set becomes the input for GeoCosmo™’s earthquake forecasting algorithms. Earthquake forecasts are generated from the outputs of these algorithms using artificial intelligence and natural language generation technologies.

Earthquake forecasting is a complex endeavor and is one of our planet’s last great natural challenges.

GeoCosmo™ is taking on this challenge by creating a global network of scientists, corporate and foundation partners and committed volunteer researchers who all share the goal of creating a safer world for the nearly two billion people who are in highly seismic regions.

This is your planet too. Are you willing to take on this very exciting challenge with us?

We hope so.


Using advanced sensors and algorithms GeoCosmo™ and its partners have successfully forecast twenty earthquakes in both North and South America.
Up to seven days in advance.

Our method provides advanced warning that is not available through existing techniques

The existing “Early Warning System” is nothing more than an “announcing system” for earthquakes that are already underway.


Leading “forecasting” systems let you know that an earthquake is happening.

2-3 DAYS

The GeoCosmo™ System gives us the time we need to protect people and property.

The Path


Open Source Software and Sensor Design Project
Move our baseline software and sensor designs to the highest heights with perpetual improvements.

GeoCosmo™ Trekker Project
Become a Trekker and Install rugged GeoCosmo™ solar-powered fixed-sensors in remote areas!



Become part of the alliance of global supporters working to provide an earthquake forecast to communities around the world.

Join us to save lives.
Join us to support impacted countries, their industries, and their populations’ livelihoods.
Join us to make history.


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Dr. Friedemann Freund

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Dr. Wilfrid LeBlanc

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